The Freedom to Shine…

2 N Main St Franklinton NC 27525    (919) 494-1634

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An invitation to let your light shine and inspire others with your gifts…

The freedom to shine Cafe is a platform where we invite you to awaken your creativity, passion, confidence and potential. It is a safe, inviting, non-judgmental environment where you can explore and express the authentic you and ignite the child inside. We believe healing occurs when we play all out. Unlocked (stuck) energy cannot stay trapped when we go deep within and utilize/ fully express all of our gifts.

We have something for all ages that is fun and engaging so come out and join us and bring your friends…

Open for Events and Private Catered Gatherings

Call for more information or to make an appointment (919) 494-1634

Also like us on Facebook at: www.facebook.com/thefreedomtoshinecafe.

  • Catering: Private Events, themed birthday parties, intimate and elegant weddings.

  • Open Mic Nights, Karaoke, Line Dancing: All expression artists come out and share their talent.  Singing, Bands, Acting, Poetry, Comedians Improvisation etc.

  • Dinner and dessert theater productions for a family night of fun.

  • Classes and workshops such as: Painting, Intuitive writing, Acting, Improvisation, drawing, crafts, personal development and more.

  • Art for purchase: Promote featured artists work throughout the studio as well as during wine tastings, book signings and community events.

  • Yoga Classes.

  • Private Coaching.




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